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True brand partners.

Since 1999, BPCM has helped brands increase their reach by tapping into their purpose and creating meaningful connections.

Meet the Partners

BPCM's reputation is equaled by the integrity of our partners. Each office is partner run, ensuring teams are supported with the highest level of market specific expertise and contacts.


Vanessa von Bismarck

co-founding partner of BPCM, is one of the most established and respected global voices in fashion public relations. In the near two decades since founding BPCM, which now employs over 75 staffers across two continents, Vanessa has been instrumental in building legacy brands and launching brands that today are household names. With a keen understanding and vision for each individual client Vanessa has become known as one of the most strategic thinkers in the industry.

Vanessa is an expert in navigating both global and emerging brands through the ever-changing media landscape as digital, social, and B2B opportunities create new challenges and possibilities. The success of BPCM has been built on an ethos of proactive, personalized, and lightning fast strategy that ensures clients maintain their positions as the leaders, innovators, and firebrands of the global fashion market.


Carrie Ellen Philips

co-founding partner of BPCM, plays a pivotal role in the global expansion of the agency’s core offerings in Fashion, Beauty, and Travel and Sustainability.

Carrie is committed to cultivating opportunities that help reverse the environmental impact of the Fashion, Beauty, and Travel industries through the principles of the circular economy and an empowered workforce. Carrie is a key industry strategist, helping companies to set and realize sustainability goals while maintaining growth and profitability. Her dedication has led to the development of BPCM’s sustainability division. Carrie is also a speaker and writer on the subject as well as advisor to Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability and their Circular Economy Concentration.

Distinguished by her ease with complex problem solving and ability to generate effective brand strategies, Carrie has not only become a sought-out mentor within her agency but a trusted collaborator at the c-suite and leadership level.


Ali Taekman

has established BPCM LA as the leading Los Angeles based agency. Known for its VIP & Influencer programs and impactful special events, BPCM LA has built an exceptional reputation through Ali’s trusted, high level relationships with top influencers, local media, creatives, decision makers, and cultural leaders. Ali is an unparalleled local authority with insider access, making herself and her team the go-to resource for global brands looking to make a meaningful impact in this increasingly desired market.

 Having worked in fashion public relations for over 25 years and as a participant in some of the industry’s most definitive shifts, Ali has honed her ability to stay at the forefront of shifting trends in communications by understanding how to keep brands relevant and truly connected to their audiences.

 Devoted to partnering with brands and individuals that think beyond tradition and into the future, Ali helps define their vision, purpose, and responsibility which guides their communication to their customers. 

Ali sits on the board of Baby2Baby and serves as their Communication Strategist.


Julian Vogel

CEO of ModusBPCM and a leading communications figure in the UK has mentored some of the industry’s most valued professionals and held top clients for over a decade. Known for his strategic precision, grace, and reliability, Julian has a unique talent for effortlessly connecting people, businesses, brands, and stories through his vast network of media, buyers, and opinion leaders. Julian also sits on the board of the Victoria & Albert Museum and is a trustee of The Design Museum.

Julian’s diverse network is matched by the variety of his affinities that allow him to serve as a conduit for fashion, beauty, design, travel, art, and music, uncovering brand stories worth sharing. Julian is passionate about infusing these brand stories with a creative force through compelling content creation and experiential events that increase reach and truly engage audiences.

Julian merged Modus with BPCM, continuing to grow their joint networks and develop their vast potential for creative brand storytelling globally.