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From guiding established brands on how to stay relevant to coaching emerging brands on how to build a business and attract consumer attention.

Our Services.

Building tactical tailored plans and applying thoughtful creativity, data intelligence, and a commitment to innovation, BPCM works to create meaningful plans and identify the right blend of services that will accomplish high impact results and achieve tangible ROI for brands.



At BPCM, vision & innovation are at the heart of it all.

A deep understanding of a brand’s audience, their behavior, and the cultural landscape that surrounds them is weaved into each initiative.

BPCM develops multi-faceted and proactive roadmaps and programs to help brands stay relevant and build market share.


Customized to specific needs.

BPCM collaborates with our brands to create impactful messages that clearly and consistently ensure the brand’s story reaches the right audience through the right channels at the right time.

Through powerful and innovative campaigns BPCM is able to shift perception by using our deep knowledge and understanding of industry insights and by paying attention to evolving consumer trends and behaviors.

Our global network of meaningful and longstanding partnerships has a proven track record of driving results, making BPCM the preferred brand partner for;

  • Strategic Brand Building

  • Dynamic Communication Plans

  • Thought Leadership Positioning

  • Event Management and Experiential Activations

  • Commercial Partnerships


Connected to amplify.

BPCM helps clients harness the power of digital communications through custom programming that are in-step with the latest developments and innovations.

BPCM has a dedicated team of experts and passionate thought leaders committed to delivering and activating digital brand strategies that resonate both online and offline

 Social programs are successfully amplified to ensure tangible results that visibly enhance brand awareness and business performance.

  • Campaign Management & Special Projects

  • Influencer Relations & Strategy

  • Paid Media Targeting & Insights

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Strategy & Management



Authentic & Diversified. 

BPCM’s approach to influencers is collaborative and tailor made. We believe in thoughtful curation for high impact reults.  

Our continuous and ever-evolving relationships make our influencer partnerships authentic and allow us to go beyond one-offs into ongoing programs of engagement. 

Through the use of data and industry insights, linked to clearly defined brand objectives, BPCM develops and delivers content that truly resonates with a brand’s targeted audience.

BPCM offers a diversity of partnerships through the nurturing of emerging talent and consistent relations with established digital influencers.

  • Influencer Brand Strategy

  • Casting, Insights & Analytics

  • Influencer Seeding & Placement

  • Campaigns & Partnerships

  • IRL Experiential



Insider access.

BPCM cultivates meaningful relationships on behalf of their clients and provides direct access to tastemakers driving influence and aspiration.

 As the first bi-coastal agency, BPCM are the leading specialists in Celebrity Dressing, VIP Programming, and Ambassador Engagement at regional, national, and global levels.

 Having worked with Hollywood insiders and talent for the past fifteen years gives the agency a unique and unprecedented insights into which celebrities and VIPs truly have influence, when and where.

  • VIP & Ambassador Seeding

  • Cultivating Relationships

  • Performance Bookings & Appearances

  • Experiential & Content Creation

  • Special Projects & Partnerships


From anticipation to post-event resonance.

Experiential Events and Fashion Shows have been a BPCM specialty for over twenty years.

From concept to delivery, BPCM produces highly anticipated and imaginative events that bring to life the creative vision of our clients. From intimate dinners to immersive beauty experiences, luxury boutique openings to fashion shows, our events create an emotional connection, and leave a lasting impression.

Each office (NYC, LA, London) has an active database across fashion, art, music, design, film, philanthropy, finance, and tech which allows us to curate guest lists which are perfectly aligned to each event’s aspirations.

  • Creative Ideation & Strategy

  • Production & Development

  • Guestlist & Event Management

  • Event Amplification

  • Special Projects


Making a difference today for the future of tomorrow.

BPCM is the only global agency with a depth of knowledge in both luxury and sustainability, successfully bridging the gap between brands, scientific thought leadership, and new advancements in sustainability. We also teach disruptive technologies how to tell their story and make connections with luxury, fashion, and beauty companies.

Our approach is one that helps guide brands first on how to become internal agents of change to in-turn become leading examples, celebrated by both the industry and consumers.

Our sustainability team brings a depth of consumer insights that help companies negotiate the landscape of sustainable and purposedriven initiatives into achievable goals with a positive impact on people, planet, and business.

  • Sustainability Risks And Opportunities Assessment

  • Strategic Framing & Communications Of Company Sustainability Goals

  • Internal Team Education Programs

  • Crafting Consumer-facing Sustainability Programs & Messaging

  • Relationship Building In The Sustainability Space